How to Win a Beauty Pageant

Miss Colorado

Winning a beauty pageant can be difficult. You may enter several before you succeed, but here are some suggestions to ensure that you put forth your best effort and give yourself the best chance to take home that crown.

Know the Details

Find out everything you can about a pageant before you enter. Even after you are accepted, you should try to find out insider’s tricks from past contestants and others that know. All beauty pageants are not alike, so you want to find out what makes each one special.

Look Your Best

Take some extra effort to look your best even if it is a local pageant. Work with professionals to achieve the image you want to project. This includes personal trainers, hairstylists, and nutritionists. Eating right and exercising make you look healthy and toned, and this is a look most judges prefer.

Use a Coach

It’s a good idea to hire a professional pageant coach to help you with details such as how you walk or even how you look in a competition. A coach knows tricks you aren’t aware of, especially if you are a beginner. You may even find a former contestant that will work with you for a small fee.

Choose Your Talent Carefully

Make sure you select a talent that you are extremely skilled at. You do not want to make a mistake in front of the judges. While you may want to select something that is unique from the other contestants, it should be something the judges will understand and appreciate. It should also be in keeping with the overall theme of the competition and the image you want to have.

Showcase Your Best Features

When choosing a swimsuit or evening gown, make sure you select something that shows off your best features. It is not about the suit or gown, but how it makes you look. Also, show off your personality through your attire.

The most important tip is to act like a winner. If you believe you are a winner, everyone else will, too.

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